Santaquin-Goshen Ready Workshops

Thursday, June 8, 2017 7:00 PM Santaquin North Stake Center

(545 North 200 East, Santaquin)

Topic: Emergency Water Preparedness

Presenter: Jim Gause

Brother Gause, a prominent member of our community that has made preparedness a way of life, living what he has learned.  He is an expert in emergency water purification among other things.  In the event of an emergency you want to have Jim Gause on your team!  Come learn from one of the best.

–Water Water everywhere and not a safe drop to drink–

Preparedness is best addressed in three levels.

*Now-instant safe water, food, shelter, first aid. Etc.  Bottled water in quantity to use, carry, and share,   One weeks supply. Save the bottles.

*Then– Water filters, bleach and other treatments.  Larger containers of stored water, and containers for treating

*Later-long term water treatment systems that work for weeks and months.

This workshop will cover the three types of water to store and suggest plans to replace the different types of water.  Bleaches that store for 10 years.  Water treatments that work year round with out heat (SODIS).  Solar and heating methods of treating water.