Santaquin-Goshen Ready Workshops

Thursday, September 14, 2017 7:00 PM Santaquin North Stake Center

(545 North 200 East, Santaquin)

Topic: Make Your Food Storage Work For You!

Presenter: Ruth Davis

Ruth Davis and her husband Mark have lived in Genola the past 35+ years where they’ve raised their 8 children. Ruth is an inquisitive, self-taught, well read expert on many things but one of her favorite interests is using food storage to make quick, easy, nutritious meals; a skill she has used and shared numerous times to bless the lives of many as a visiting teacher, relief society president, and mother.

Don’t know what to do with those buckets of beans in your food storage?
Beans: bucket to bowl in 1 hour.
• Feed your family for only a few dollars a meal with healthy protein, fiber and nutrients!
• Recipe Handouts of favorite recipes
• Taste testers on several dishes
• How to use both “old fashioned” Pressure Cookers and the new “Pressure Pots”
• Quick soak method – How to soak your beans in 1 hour
• Cooking times for different beans
• Do’s and don’ts of cooking beans

Attendees should come away from this class with the knowledge and confidence of how to use a stove top pressure cooker and have dinner ready in an hour and half from dry beans to table top. Rules of how to handle beans in the cooking process and serving to create less gastric distress and a collection of recipes that use common ingredients from your food storage and garden to make delicious soups. Tips and techniques on how to get family members to transition over to more healthy, less expensive meals.