2018 Calendar

Please note:  The following calendar may change from time to time as we occasionally add new workshops, drop others and at times need to rearrange due to presenter availability.

January ————— No Workshop
February 8 Emergency Kits 72 hr. kits; car, student, young child kits made simple.
March 8 Natural Disasters Run, Duck, or Hide; how to survive a natural disaster.
April 12 Gardens, you can do it! Delicious, Healthy food from your own garden.
May 10 Conversations in Preparedness What you should talk about before the emergency.
June 8 Fires Starting without matches, safety, extinguishing.
July ————— No Workshop–Summer Break
August 9 Pressure cookers Insta-pots made fun / Pressure canning meats & veggies.
September 13 No Electricity Surviving the cold without electricity
October 11 Communications How to and with who to communicate in an emergency.
November 8 Psychology How to keep your head in the chaos of an emergency.
December ————— No Workshop–Christmas Break

Every 2nd Thursday of each month, no workshop in January, July, and December.

7:00 PM

Santaquin North Stake Center
545 North 200 East, Santaquin, Utah